About Us

CR Ranch opened its doors in 1990 with one goal in mind, to treat every dog and cat like they are a member of our own family!

We have 2 types of kennel for the comfort of our guests, our Pet Bedrooms or our Indoor Open Air Kennels. Each guest get to play 3x or 5x per day in one of our five outdoor play arena that range in size from 1/4 acre to a full 1 acre park. Each play arena is filled with Chuck-It balls, rope toys, Frisbees and many other toys! For our senior and not-so-active guests, it is a great place to go for a stretch and receive belly scratches and extra attention! Quality pet food and exercise is included with each night's stay.

Pet Bedroom

There are 3 sizes of bedrooms available: 4 x 8 rooms, 5 x 8 rooms, and 6 x 8 rooms. With multiple pets in one pet bedroom your room size will automatically be upgraded to the appropriate level. Some of the many standard features in each bedroom include: Window, Complete Privacy, Ceiling Fan, 24 hr. music, pet cots and bedding. Perfect for our senior and smaller guest!

Indoor open air Kennels

Our open air kennels are an indoor 4' x 10' kennel or for our larger guest there is also 10' x 10' kennel (limited availability) complete with heating, air conditioning, pet cots, bedding and 24 hr. music.
They have 8 ft. walls, the bottom 4 feet are PVC, the top 4 ft. are cyclone fencing. Perfect for our
more social and very active guests!